West side writing an seynbole

However, in the novel, I could feel and relate to them. The fight scene between Bernardo soooo attractive by the way and Tony was with fists, until Riff, the leader of the Jets, decided to bring knives into the mix.

But she was just all "Oh, well. The girl is more of a tom boy who wants to be like one of the guys. It shows the audience how big each gang is.

After Bernardo was just murdered. Since it is a day time exterior scene much of the lighting is not needed because it is using the sun. In the movie, I felt more sad for both sides. They go and try to rape Anita.

One example is the high-angle shot B It made the story so I really enjoyed this book. Both had to die, else it would have never ended". Another reason I hate the Jets. However, in the novel, I turned more against the Jets. He murdered your brother. Bernardo said they would try that, and he was right.

The West Side Story also uses different types of lighting. Bernardo and Anita were right all along. There was hate on both sides.

Oh, and you know what. I loved knowing what was going through their heads, and seeing certain scenes through the eyes of the characters.

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In the very beginning the camera shows an overview of the West Side. In the movie, all of the characters, even Tony and Maria, felt a little distant. I mean, I get that she loves him after only a day, sheesh. An example of low-key lighting is used in the dance scene, where they are in a red room and they are dancing they director is using the low-key lighting system B 54 because it just shows the shadows in red and black.

No matter who he was. Maria just forgives Tony for murdering her brother. Likes I really, really liked the depth added to the characters. It made the story so much more realistic for me. One example is in the beginning where they Jets and Puerto Ricans are fighting uses a type of general set lighting B Like I stated above, the book gave a more emotional connection.

I may use mirrors or reflectors to use more lighting B Also, in the West Side Story, it uses many camera angles and distances. The prose and the adaptation was excellent, hence the five stars. It also shows a distance shot B 49 when the police arrive to the fight scene where they have each gang on one side and the police in the middle.

Everything just moved so fast. I think that is shows this because it gives the audience a perspective on how large the West Side is. West Side Story West Side Story In this musical, it uses several types of narratives, for example, after the fight between the Jets and Puerto Ricans, after the police leave, they enter the ally and the girl is begging to join the gang saying how much she wants to fight is a part of narrative sexuality B The spontaneous falling in love made a lot more sense in the movie, but made no sense in the novel.

I really enjoyed this book. Another type of camera distance is when the Jets and Puerto Ricans start fighting in the second act the Jets are on the right and Puerto Ricans are on the left and the two guys fighting in the middle.

I also disliked how quickly the plot moved. I wish the author had turned the movie into a proper novel, not a short page book.

West Side Story

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Romeo and Juliet - Comparisson to West Side Story Essay () and West Side Story () were so successful. Shakespeare's play and the two movies modeled after it have many similarities and many differences, but one thing remains constant in all of them, They all use universal truths to .

West side writing an seynbole
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